Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Lately I've noticed the idea of GRATITUDE much more in literature, on the web and in casual conversations.

As I begin to reel myself in after reviewing my long year I notice that I have to slow myself down even further to remember to give thanks. Sometimes that's hard since I'm comfortable in my addiction to "more".  Today, I'm trying something different - I want to set myself up for success by being grateful.

2013 was filled with many positives: I met someone I enjoy spending time with, I'm  watching my nieces grow up, I'm supporting my children as they move forward in school and grow.

I've also had some loss. The loss of my good friend and brother Fudge and one of my favorite Uncles aka Uncle Soupy.
Thank You Uncle Soupy
I realize that life is both long and short (A lovely paradox). I realize that the shorter my list of excuses the better off I will be and the better I will feel about my life.

With that awareness - my week has been productive. I've been working on the following set of exercises. The first one is the 2013 Accountability Process - by Iyanla Vanzant:

and then the workbook this guy developed - Design Your Best Year Ever by Darren Hardy

and lastly this article published by The Five O Clock Club http://fiveoclockclub.com/2013/02/exercises-to-identify-the-job-of-your-dreams-start-with-the-seven-stories-exercise/.

I feel like a I'm being a little obsessive about all of this - but I'm certain that the results will be in direct proportion to all the effort I am making to figure this out.

The thinking process has been eye opening and brought me to a more powerful awareness of what I would like to be putting more attention on.

I'm purging bag loads of metaphorical and actual crap that doesn't align and am refining my vision so that it will be as simple as possible to execute. I need the extra time to spend with the people I care about.

At the end of the day I realize that wins or losses aside I have so much to be grateful for. Just the mere fact that I'm breathing, in the company of my family, am loved is an absolute gift. I'm grateful.

Gratitude is a frequency and I'm learning that I can multiply everything that I love by paying attention to it.

I'm committed to multiplying several times over everything I love so I've been keeping a gratitude journal. It's helpful to do a refer to when I'm feeling like shit.

I'm grateful for the ability to create art.
I am grateful for personal and expanding financial freedom.
I am grateful for peace, serenity, grace and love.

I highly recommend using whatever tools you need to uncover gratitude and joy. It takes a substantial amount of courage to go deep but this is our moment - let's get it.